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One of my clients said to me this week-you honestly don’t charge me enough for what you do.

I was like what do you mean? WELL…You’re not just a trainer, you’re a motivator, teacher, comedian, psychologist, confidante. It’s a lot.


And it got me thinking (not about raising my prices), but more about what is my philosophy of being a coach and is it drastically different to others to the point where MY OWN CLIENTS feel I’m underpaid.

The way I see it, my job is to get the best out of you and have you working in a way that makes you better at whatever is in front you. Ultimately, that means pushing you to operate outside of your comfort zone because that’s the only way you get better.

 That being said; for me, your trainer/coach or whatever title you want to give them, should be all of those things. They should motivate you, teach you, they should get inside your head when needed and help you figure things out, and they should build up a level of trust with you that you feel comfortable confiding in them.


Because If you’re not motivated, or don’t understand what you’re being asked to do, or there’s something weighing on your mind, you will not perform at your best.

And if that happens, I have not done my job.

 That’s why I created SHIFT. I’ve spent a large chunk of the past 10+ years training men like you 1 v 1 and ultimately I was hit with the realisation that unless I did something different, I’ll always be putting a limit to how many people I can actually reach.

SHIFT is a program not like any you would have experienced before.

Not only will it give you a kick arse training regime, challenging workouts and top drawer nutritional support, it also tackles your mental regime as well. Imagine getting the latest IPhone X getting it home and when you come to use it, it’s been preloaded with iOS 1 from 2007. Or vice versa, imagine having iOS 15 but still working the iPhone 1.

Either scenario is not really gonna do much for you is it?

Working through the different stages of SHIFT, you will be upgrading your hardware and software at the same time.

I agree with my client that I don’t provide the bog standard service that all trainers give, but where I disagree is when she says I should charge more. Simply because I don’t believe you can ever deliver too much value.

And that’s my goal with SHIFT - To provide as much value as possible to the men on the program and to help them make a real lasting positive difference to their physical and mental health.

SHIFT is not a silver bullet or magic pill and I am definitely NOT your guru, BUT I can get you where you want to go.


If you or any man in your life is interested in making a REAL DIFFERENCE to their health let’s have a conversation; maybe it’s time for a SHIFT.