Lose Weight to Fight COVID? A Fighters Guide To Surviving A Pandemic.

Lose Weight to Survive A Pandemic? Drop a few pounds and stay COVID free. Sounds like a great plan where do I sign up? That’s what our dear “leader” Bozo Johnson wants us to do. Get as fit as possible, lose weight, and protect ourselves from the inevitable second wave that’s coming this winter. Surprisingly, the logic is sound. People who are overweight are at a higher risk of developing severe effects of COVID-19, especially if they have type-2 diabetes. 2/3 people in the UK are clinically overweight, with a 1/3 of those people being classed as OBESE! When you put that together with the demographics of who is most affected, it’s a sobering exercise.

There is also a higher proportion of people with type-2 diabetes in Black and Asian communities which might go some way to explain why they are disproportionately dying from COVID-19.

Does this mean the government’s plan makes sense? No. Not it does not. For a plan to make sense, first there has to be one. Secondly, you need to know what you’re doing, and last but not least you need to have the right intentions. The fact is public health officials don’t know the best way to advise people to lose weight and keep it off.

Scratch that, they don’t know how to do that without damaging the economy.

lose weight to fight covid

“Eat Out to Help Out”

What’s their latest slogan? “Eat Out to Help Out”. Here’s free money to spend at certain bars and restaurants. Once you get past the schoolboy level sexual innuendo you think to yourself, “how is this going to help me lose weight?”. The slogan and the scheme itself fuels the number one reason behind our obesity problems…the overconsumption of food that really isn’t doing anything good for us. Yep the same thing that keeps our economy working is actually making us fat.

Now there’s a conundrum!

Why are you getting heavier? I say you because you’re more likely to be part of the 2/3 who are overweight/obese. That’s just maths. If you’re part of the 1/3 then bravo and kudos to you. The 1 in 3 probably know this next part already but for the rest of you, I’m about to kick knowledge.

  1. You’re eating more. Average daily calorie intake has gone up in high income countries from 3000 per day in 1960 to 3400 per day in 2015 (and rising). You would need to be doing some serious exercise to burn that lot. Which brings me on to number 2…
  2. You’re not moving enough. You probably have an office job (now work from home), spend most of your time in front of a screen, and simply don’t spend enough time doing anything challenging enough to break a sweat.
  3. You’re probably eating all the wrong things. A diet full of highly processed food which means means you consume way too much sugar, saturated fat and salt. Why? Because….
  4. You don’t cook for yourself enough. You eat too many ready cooked meals and snacks, and definitely get takeaways way too often. Did somebody say just eat? 

lose weight to fight covid-19

Did somebody…? 

The formula to losing weight is not rocket science, but it is difficult to execute. Spoiler alert the answer isn’t a juice fast, detox, or a hyper hydration and epsom bath salt combo. 5/6 people who try these types of crash diets put the weight back in within a year. Also if you’re a fighter, doing this can be bad for your survival. weight cutting can get you knocked out


So what is the answer? A simple solution that’s admittedly not so simple to execute.

  1. Calorie Deficit. The most important step. Be mindful of what you eat and aim to make it less than what you burn.
  2. Focus on eating whole foods which are nutrient dense. Eat out less, cook at home more
  3. Get enough sleep. Believe it or not sleeping is your greatest superpower.
  4. Train with a purpose. Have a goal and work towards it. Here’s WHY YOU NEED A STRUCTURED TRAINING PLAN
  5. Be Patient and keep showing up, consistently. It won’t happen overnight, it WILL take time.


That really is it. That is the not so secret, magic secret to weight loss.

Ignore Boris when he tells you to “eat out to help out”, but when the woman in your life says the same thing, you should definitely listen to her.

In both scenarios you can thank me later because your life probably depends on it.


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