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Q: What is SHIFT?

A:I’m a former competitive kickboxer who has always had a passion for training, nutrition and overall performance. I’ve been coaching since 2007 and love the feeling you get when you help people achieve things they previously couldn’t or didn’t think they could.

SHIFT is an evolution of the holistic approach that I’ve been using that combines full-body, weighted strength training that focuses on movement patterns rather than isolation exercises, mobility, cardio endurance, meditation and behavioural science to help you develop a strong, skilled and athletic body, accompanied by an even stronger mind.


Q: What are some of the benefits of SHIFT?

A: The SHIFT Wellness Program is here to help take you to your best level. My mission is to help men and women like you achieve their ideal body both aesthetically and functionally! Basically, I want you to look and FEEL good naked but to also make sure that you’re not just doing it for the ‘gram. I want you to be proud of the things you can do with your body, and not just the way it looks. Above all, I want to help you make it a lifestyle and not just for a new year resolution, summer holiday , wedding or (insert latest beauty trend here).

Peak wellness & performance is all about the balance between intensity and rest. In addition to getting you fitter, stronger, more flexible, and maybe leaner (if that’s where your body type healthily dictates) SHIFT is designed to build resilience and discipline to help make you a better all around athlete and individual.

Whether you’re a kickboxer (like me) and you tend to skip stretching, a fully fledged yogi that can barely do 10 push ups, or you’re looking for a way to deal with unwanted stress, SHIFT is THE program you need that will help make you better in the gym, office, boardroom and everywhere in between.


Q: What makes SHIFT different to other Fitness Programmes?

A: SHIFT incorporates functional strength, mobility and endurance focused sessions alongside meditation, mental performance exercises and a nourishing approach to food. Going through the program you should hopefully start to develop a healthy relationship with food and your overall wellness and performance.

All programme videos are in real time which means:

  1. You don’t have to worry about reps or sets. Just like having a coach in person, I do that so you don’t have to.
  2. You don’t have to re-watch how-to videos over and over which can disrupt the intensity and flow of the workout. From the moment you hit play, we get sweaty together in real time keeping that intensity high.
  3. With every push up, squat, lunge and crunch. I’m right beside you helping you get better. Inch by inch, one session at a time.
  4. The most important thing for me is you being safe and doing the moves properly. That’s why I’ll have to keep you in line with cues on proper form. That way everyone wins.


Q: What does the workout schedule look like?

A: The programme consists of 3 workout sessions a week, which consist of a strength focused session, a mobility focused session and a cardio endurance focused session. The composition and intensity of the sessions will change every 2 weeks so you’ll just have time to adapt and adjust to the moves without feeling bored or unchallenged.


Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The workouts are between 40-60 minutes long and consist of a dynamic mobility warm up, full body circuits / weighted strength sessions, or an interval based cardio endurance session.


Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: This really depends on you, your body and your ability to remain consistent.

It also depends on what you define as ‘results’.

Strength and fitness adaptations in beginners – or anyone that hasn’t trained in a while – can occur very quickly as it doesn’t take much to stimulate adaptation within the body.

If you are a more advanced trainee you may find your strength and fitness adaptations take a little longer to show up, however if you are working outside of your comfort zone within each workout and are consistent with your food and fitness regime you will see adaptations occur regularly

Visual changes can occur within four weeks for most, although of course there will be some of you that find you aren’t seeing ‘visual’ changes for 6-8 weeks – even if you are sticking to the plan.

If this is you – PLEASE REMEMBER – if you have spent months or years avoiding exercise, mobility practices, nourishing foods – and have instead been a living breathing personification of the “work hard, party-hard” lifestyle you cannot (I repeat CANNOT) expect your body to turn around in a few weeks.

Give your body time, consistency and have some patience and you will start seeing the effects you want to see.


Q: What’s included when I buy the programme?

A: When you purchase the SHIFT programme you’ll have access to the following:


Q: I’m injured/ill – Can I still do the SHIFT programme?

A: As part of the onboarding period you will be asked to fill out a PAR-Q Form which is a questionnaire about your current state of health. It will help you to determine whether you should speak to a doctor before embarking on the plan. If you are injured I do not recommend you take on this plan unless you have the all-clear from your physician to do so.

In saying that, sometimes the injury is on the mend and actually requires further strength training and/or mobility in order to heal properly. In this case, again ask your physician to provide you with specific moves that you can and can’t do and modify throughout the workout.

Q: I’m Pregnant – Can I still do the programme?

A: This is not a pre/post natal programme and it doesn’t make accommodations for this. Please see your doctor before undertaking any fitness programme.


Q: I’m a complete beginner to working out. Is SHIFT suitable for me?

A: Definitely 100%. The SHIFT Programme is a mixed level programme, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not (there are also offers modifications if you are more advanced).

The movements included are generally primal, compound movement patterns, this means that they are essential to a healthy functioning human body. I try as much as possible to limit the amount of isolated muscle group exercises as that is not how your body works on a day to day basis.

Beginners WILL find it challenging (but that is the point). The beauty of having a video programme is that YOU CAN PUSH PAUSE, AND/OR REWIND.

REMEMBER you can always repeat weeks if you find it particularly difficult – everyone progresses at a different rate. If you feel as though you really struggled through any of the weeks, rather than progressing to the next week, repeat it. You will not hinder your results.


Q: What equipment do I need access to?

A: All the equipment you will need is clearly detailed with each workout.  I also explain how to choose the right weight for your abilities. I get into The RPE system at the beginning of the programme.

Do the SHIFT workouts use weights, and will they make me bulky?

A: Firstly, yes, some of the sessions absolutely do use weights BUT NO you will not become bulky. Unless your body is predisposed to develop this or you are TRYING to get “bulky”.  Given the way the programme is designed this is highly unlikely for the vast majority of women.


Q: Will the SHIFT Programme help me to lose weight?

A: That depends on you and where you’re starting from. The aim and focus of the programme is improve body composition and build long lasting healthy habits. If your goal is to lose weight and your starting point isn’t one where a drop in weight will compromise your hormonal health, then yes, you will lose weight. If your starting points are questionable, then thats a different story altogether, and we probably should talk that out one on one.


Q: Will the SHIFT programme make me stronger?

A: Absolutely! It’s one of the most important principles of the programme.

Q: Will the SHIFT programme make me more flexible?

A: The focus is more on mobility rather than pure flexibility. Mobility refers to your ability to truly use a joint or limbs range of motion in a dynamic, controlled way; e.g. sitting deeply in a squat. Mobility is much more healthy and functional for the body and will prevent you from developing those injuries that can occur from having too much flexibility or too much strength (and vice versa).

Q: What if I can’t keep up with all the moves?

A: Don’t worry at all! Just hit the pause button or watch and practice the initial moves a few times before getting into the workout.

No matter how uncoordinated you feel initially, your body will adapt and often faster than you think. Even if you are one of those people with ‘two left feet’ you will get better. This only highlights how important it is for you to stick with it.


Q: It’s too challenging for me right now – how can I make it easier?

A: One of the benefits of RPE system is exactly this. Challenging and easy for you might mean different things on different days. As a general piece of advice. Reduce the weight or if need be drop the weights entirely and just perform the workouts with your bodyweight.

Some of the workouts / exercises are timebound, so that you do as many reps as you can within a set time frame. If that means you can only get through three squat jumps – great. Aim to be better the next time around.


Q: Do I have to follow the programme as you have created it?

A: It’s important to follow the videos in order (don’t sneak ahead). Even if you feel you’re more advanced than the movements in the first weeks, I’d rather you lift a heavier weight, than skip ahead. The RPE system is there so that you can adjust the workout depending on how you feel that day. E.g. an RPE of 6 for you, may mean a weight of 10kg in one session but 20kg in another for the same exercise.

Conversely, if you feel as though the videos are progressing too quickly for your liking, hold yourself back and repeat them until you feel ready to progress.


Q: Can I do other forms of training while on the programme?

A: ABSOLUTELY. The program is designed to help you make health and wellness a lifestyle for you. What you will need to do is to listen to your body and be smart about the load you’re putting on yourself each week.


Q: What if I don’t have time for all the sessions each week?

A: The programme will work best if you stick to it, but I get it, LIFE HAPPENS. Here’s the thing though, if you can’t find time say 30 – 45 minutes in a day for yourself, then your expectations of complete health and body transformation are unrealistic. Particularly if you have a desk bound non moving job. Harsh? Maybe. True? 100%. Nothing is going to change unless you do the work, and you don’t get any credit, rewards or results for good intentions.

That being said – anything is better than nothing so remember that you can re-do the programme as many times as you like. If the first time you tried it you couldn’t hit all workouts, listen to Aaliyah and dust yourself off and try again (try again). ONE YOU BUY, YOU OWN THE PROGRAMME AND CAN DO THE WORKOUTS AT ANY TIME.


Q: Can I take these videos on holiday?

A: Absolutely! You can access the programmes wherever in the world you have access to internet and on any device on which you have a web browser. This site is fully responsive and has been optimised for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.


Q: How does the meal plan work?

A: It’s not a meal plan. That’s number 1. Is there a time and a place for a meal plan – yes absolutely; and you can come and see me when you’re an athlete training for the Olympics, a professional fighter who needs to drop weight to fit into a specific weight class, or a body builder/bikini fitness model, and I’ll happily write you a specific meal plan. If you’re part of the other 99% with the rest of us and are simply trying to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food, then meal plans are a waste of time for you.

Through my experience as a personal trainer I have come to realise that 99% of the goals and results you’re looking for can be achieved if you are willing to get into the kitchen, cook your foods, consume consistently well and get enough protein to support their body.

You would never put petrol from your local BP into a formula 1 car so by the same token you need good nutrition in order to perform your best.

Although this is a fitness programme, I have avoided providing you with an accompanying Calorie Focused Food Plan – Now before you think I am trying to defy the laws of thermodynamics or ‘calories in vs. calories out’ -let me holla at ya real quick;

Calories DO play a key role in body composition, there is no denying it. 2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick maths. Calorie counting isn’t fun or indeed sustainable for the vast majority of people. Also this constant focus on the calorie count of your food doesn’t help foster a good relationship with food. Which is ultimately what we want.

The underlying reality of a meal plan is that it creates this dynamic that the foods in the plan are superior to the foods NOT on the plan; and that those foods somehow these are bad because they will inhibit your ability to reach your ‘goals’. That’s not the case.

Nutritional science can be/ is complex, and is affected by a myriad of different factors including individual genetics, time of the day, sleep patterns, and a whole host of other things. Basic universal principles of nutrition do apply to everyone so before you bother with the complex shit at the top of the pyramid, let’s make sure we’ve got the basics at the bottom of the pyramid on lock.

I believe those basics are:

Alcohol is fun when consumed responsibly- I’m not a big or a regular drinker but I absolutely love a good whisky. I understand it’s a big part of many peoples jobs and lives, and of course one glass here or there isn’t going to be impossible for your body to process, BUT, you need to decide for yourself, whether consuming alcohol on a regular basis takes you closer or further away from the goal you’ve set. In general I recommend minimal to no alcohol, try it, your brain, liver, kidneys, hormones, and whole nervous system will love you for it.

Q: Is this programme suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A: YES! I’m not here to dictate to you what you should believe when it comes to food. That is a personal/individual decision that you need to make so that it works for you to hit your goals. The vast majority of recipes are vegetarian/plant based. Some are also fully vegan and small percentage contain meat/fish/poultry. This mirrors the way I choose to eat. If you are pescatarian or a carnivore , no need to worry – there are explanations on how to add meat/fish to your meal.  Like I said, I got you.


Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: YES. Buying this programme is the just the beginning of a long journey. This journey is about helping you consistently make better decisions regarding your health and overall wellness and performance.

To that end KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – Each programme includes elements that will get you thinking and evaluating different aspects of your life. I want you to be curious and always strive for improvement. Our media page is regularly updated with blogs, articles and other content about fitness, mobility and human wellness and performance that I find interesting and believe will help you get closer to the goal you’ve set yourself

These days we hear so much about ‘self-love’ and ‘loving the skin you’re in’ but how are you supposed to love something (or anything for that matter) without at least trying to understand it?!

I’m always here and will be there every step of the way, but I can’t (and wouldn’t) do the push ups, squats and lunges for you. At some point you need to make sure that you’re taking responsibility for yourself and your own results. 


Q: How long will I have access to the programme for?

A: There is no time limit; once you buy one of the 8,12 or 16 week programmes, you’ll have it for life so you can always go back and repeat the workouts or even the whole programme.


Q: How do I buy the programme?

A: You can purchase any of the SHIFT programmes here on this website and you will come back here whenever you want to watch the videos. Payment is accepted via Stripe and we’re actively working to add additional payment methods.


Q: How do I access the programme?

A: Once you’ve bought one of the SHIFT programmes you’ll be able to access them through this website at anytime from wherever you have access to the internet.


Q: Can I buy it in my country?

A: Absolutely. The programmes are available in any country.


Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

A: If you are buying one of our time limited programmes (8, 12, or 16 weeks) then it is a one-time payment. Once you buy one of these you won’t be charged again at any point and you’ll have access to it for life. Our coaching programme however is a monthly subscription.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Our main payment provider is Stripe therefore all major credit or debit cards are accepted. We’re actively working to add more payment methods as we speak.


Q: My card keeps getting blocked. Why is that happening?

A: Your bank could be blocking the payment as it may not recognise as a website that you have made a purchase from in the past. All you have to do is get in touch with them and confirm that you are making a purchase with this website.



Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances:

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