First Things First, I want to say you’re an amazing individual. Being honest with yourself, and getting clear about the facts of where you are and being brave enough to say who and where you want to be in the future is not easy. It’s incredibly brave.

You may not think so, but you would be shocked by how many people aren’t willing to ask (and answer) for themselves the questions you just have.

Well done. You’re already well on your way. Mainly because you understand that there’s a gap between who you are right now, and the man you want to be 12 months from now. What you’re going to do during this program is bridge that gap.

To do that properly, we need a plan. Plain and simple. 

If you want to succeed at anything, including this program you need a plan of how you’re going to do it

Obviously the better the components of the plan the higher your chances are to succeed, but you can have the best gameplan ever written in the history of mankind; if you don’t follow it, you won’t get anywhere.